Nov 16

Well I had a really good time last night. Got to the Queens Head Pub in lawn lane in hemel hempstead about 7.30pm. Helped the promoters set up the equipment. First to play was my mate Dave Blow. Then I took to the decks 9 – 10pm . Started off with a brilliant slowie called Weve Only Just Begun by Bobby Womack and Brotherhood. Then gradually worked my set of choones up to a full crechendo, with choones like Never Had a Love So Good Charles Johnson,Funny How We Change Places Dee Dee Warwick, Smile Neo, This Is What You Are Mario Boindi. etc. This is a great little night out if you are ever in the area. Dont expect full scale dancing as the floor is carpeted, more of a conisseurs listening night.

All the best

Little Reg

written by Reg


  1. 1. Soulgirl Says:

    Sounds like you had a great night Reg!

  2. 2. Marcus Bell Says:

    Glad you enjoyed the evening and heard all about it in my absence by Blowey. Thought you’d play Mario hehehe
    Hey will still have a little 2-step shuffle on the carpet.

  3. 3. lloyd Says:

    cheers reg finished your book
    and enjoyd it
    thanks for the candid look into your life
    its strange how most people are conected by certain things
    life music loss of loved ones and we just keep on going the best way we know how

    anyway thanks and keep on smiling.

    Thanks Lloyd and i will keep smiling.

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