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11 Responses to “TV Appearances”

  1. 1. Dawn Wright Says:

    Just watched the TV show – well done Reg!

  2. 2. Marcus Bell Says:

    Watched the TV appearance half a dozen times now Reg and you are an inspiration for people to overcome life’s probs. A very good friend and glad we bumped into each other in this lovely Soul Scene of ours. Long may the Soul continue.
    Marcus ‘Sofa Soul Bell

  3. 3. Kev Donovan Says:

    Hi Reg,

    In the words of Reg,


    Don’t know what else to say chap, apart from thanks for taking me under your wing all those years ago, you taught me so much before i joined the Navy back in 1981 and i still sit at times and smile to myself when i think of those great days in the 80’s with my mate Reggie. Many thanks Bruv

  4. 4. Karen Goodyear Canada Says:

    Hey, loved the tv clips… it was a sure pleasure meeting you those many moons ago. So glad that my lil bruv met you.

    and to sum it up like Kev said, “BRILLIANT”!!!!!!

  5. 5. Una Hanlon-Schafer Sydney. New South Wales Australia Says:

    Fantastic Reg! I’ve been writing my book in my head for years, so you’ve certainly inspired me! And you can still dance! Good on you! KTF.

  6. 6. Colleen Says:

    Hey Reg, just watched this with Martin on your website. You were great in this film, you talked with such passion and that shone through on screen. Hope your book is selling like hot cakes!!

    All the best. It was lovely to work with you, your family and friends.


    Hi Colleen you too were great in this film, and hopefully will meet again on a dance floor somewhere to say it was a pleasure to work with you is an understatement i bloody loved it
    all the best
    and lots of love
    Reg xx

    P. S. Say Hi to Martin for me thanks xx

  7. 7. jules (juliet) Says:

    hiya reg
    why is it when i listen to your passion for northern soul i get goosebumps?
    maybe its because me and many many others feel exactly the same way about one of our great loves in life eh ?
    see you at soulgate

  8. 8. spanner Says:

    Hi Reg loved ya book ,and tv was brill
    KTF [ pity about the vespa tho lol i got 2 lammys ]

  9. 9. Jules Says:

    Hi Reg ,have just watched your film on “inside out ” & was so interesting ..lets hope atleast a few of those school students turn out to be as into soul music as we are !! Love Jules x

  10. 10. Ian "Bridgey" Bridge Says:

    Just watched your TV interview; Inside Out. Absolutely nothing false, you spoke from your heart with total honesty. Keep up the great work Reg. Hopefully we will meet up at a venue sometime. KTF……. Bridgey

  11. 11. mikey groom Says:

    Well done Reg ,brilliant I’m you new fan

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