Nov 14

Welcome to my new website! You can buy my book, look through my photos and sign my Guestbook.

Hopefully there will be lots of new content over the coming weeks, months and beyond so please come back often.


written by Reg

4 Responses to “The Launch of Searching For Soul”

  1. 1. Soulgirl Says:

    Nice one Reg… I look forward to seeing more content of both past and present.

    Karen x

  2. 2. Alison Says:

    Looking good Reg! Keep up the good work

    Alison x

  3. 3. Johnny Boy (NEWBURY) Says:

    Hi Reg , sorted bruv will stick in under my favourites tab, Be lucky mate soulfully J B

  4. 4. Jason Poland Says:

    Nearly finished reading the new edition of Searching For Soul, Reg, and have really enjoyed it thus far. You have managed to capture the essence of the ‘scene’ and your passion for your music, friends and life in general is an inspiration to a who read. As well as an ability to find ‘choons’ that are as rare as gold dust (only a bit more expensive, eh?), in your book you have a talnet for finding the magic in everyday things, people and places. ‘Keep On Keeping On’, Soul Brother! KTF, JDP.

    Hi Jason so please your injoying the read and thanks for taking the time to letting me know your thoughts.

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