Now when you struggle through your time at school with reading and writing, you might think that the last thing anybody should attempt would be to write a book!

I like many of you reading this, may have even contemplated a fanciful thought of, ‘one day when I get the time’ I am going to write a book, and that is as far as we get. However, for Reg his dream has now become a reality. It has not been easy, but his powers of recollection are amazing, even down to the details of conversations that took place over thirty years ago.

Reg is a storyteller! Whether we are out for a night ‘souling’, thumbing through records, meeting people for the first time, having a meal or just on a visit to each others house there is always a story. The concept of a book came out of the blue one day about seven years ago. Once Reg had decided to give it a go, he made time to create this book and received nothing but support from all of his family and his many friends.

This book will not try to influence you in any religious or social way, nor will it attempt to deflect you from your musical preference. It will tell you a story of ordinary folk, growing up, their passion for music, the search for things that maybe weren’t understood at the time, the high’s and low’s that life deals out and the love and appreciation of family and friends. It is a story that most of us can and will relate to in parts, you will see yourself or someone you know feature in this book, the names may be different but the experiences and characters will be there. I guess to sum it up, it’s a diary, about life, and we all have experienced that.

I have known Reg for some forty years now and in reading these memoirs, I even had a tear or two at times and I was there! We have been friends for a long time and although we went our separate ways for a while, our passion and love of music has drawn us back together and so the search goes on.

Reg knows a lot of people and a lot of people know Reg, he always has a big smile for anyone and everyone and when meeting him for the first time you feel as though you have known him for years. Even when he is hurting inside, outwardly the smile is still there to cheer up everyone else. And like we all have had to bear from time to time, Reg has had his fair share of hurt.

There is no doubt in my mind that you will enjoy Reggie’s story, even if your views on music, fashion, football and the rest differ, it doesn’t matter, just read it and accept it for what it is – Life.



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3 Responses to “Foreword”

  1. 1. Robin White Says:

    you are a top bloke thanks so much for everything. An honour to be shown around the southern version of ‘Wigan Casino’ ps have painted the garage doors Robin

  2. 2. Moosel Nick Says:

    Thanks Reg for a fantastic read,
    I could,nt put it down!
    The main thing I got from the book was, what great friends & family you have Reg and you should be so proud of what you have achieved, not just this book but all in your life so far and i,m sure lots more to come….
    (Kept me smiling anyway)

  3. 3. Linda Cousins Says:

    Hello Cous,

    Long time no see just finished your book,really enjoyed it well done proud of
    you, nice to see your smileing face again no number’s to ring now your mum and dad are no longer with us bless them, hope the all the family are well
    Love you lots

    Hi Linda so please you liked the read and thanks for letting me know.
    lots of love Reg xx

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