People I’ve Met

Reg & Mary Love with my book!

Reg & Kenny Hamber

Reg and Ronnie McNeir

Reg, Pete & Shirl - My Friends from Chester

Reg & Sidney Barnes

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6 Responses to “People I’ve Met”

  1. 1. pete + shirl Says:

    great photos reg thanks pete shirl chester

  2. 2. aaran smith Says:

    great pictures mate now just need to get a pic with somebody who people might actually recognise?

  3. 3. aaran smith Says:

    i know sidney barnes but who the bald headed midget twat!!!! in all the photos

  4. 4. Reg Says:

    HA HA Its me aaran im the bald headed twat!!!!!!

  5. 5. Tony Warot Says:

    hi reg, sidney barnes had toothache when this photo was taken, the pain
    was worse on the left of his mouth & not on the right, in other words. . . .
    . . I HURT ON THE OTHER SIDE (sorry, couldn’t resist that gag!)


  6. 6. Tony Warot Says:

    which one of you are STANDING ON SOLID GROUND

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